Australian landscape photographer Andrew Carter is based on the beautiful NSW South Coast and loves photographing the beautiful areas around Batemans Bay, Canberra and also around Australia and overseas.Andrew Carter

The NSW South Coast is a beautiful, scenic area with stunning beaches, rivers, lakes and bushland.

Landscape photography has always been a passion for Andrew, growing up in Australia on the NSW South Coast, there was never any shortage of photographs waiting to be taken.

As a child he spent the majority of his time outdoors, developing an understanding of nature, and it is this understanding that allows Andrew to find the right location and the right moment to take the most memorable landscape photos. He was also lucky to see large parts of the Australian landscape, which has given him a keen desire to try and capture the beauty of these remote areas.

“When I am driving around, looking for the best locations, I am constantly looking for new photo opportunities. Almost any location can be transformed into something amazing if you can get the right light.”

Andrew worked as a Veterinary Surgeon for 8 years, but has put his veterinary career on hold to pursue his passion for Australian landscape photography full time.

About Andrew Carter Landscape Photographer 2

Based in Mogo/ Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast, Andrew finds the area has a lot of variety for photography- from stunning beaches and dramatic coastlines, to rainforest tucked away under the escarpment. It is also relatively close to the Southern Tablelands, Canberra and the Snowy Mountains.

Australian landscape photography is an undertaking that requires great perseverance and patience. When relying on natural light, you are very much dependent on nature, and need to work with this to succeed. It is certainly true that you have to visit locations on multiple occasions to wait for the ideal weather and the ideal light.

The rarity of truly magic conditions is both the best, and also the hardest, part of landscape photography. Visiting a location many times only to have poor light can be very frustrating (especially when you have woken at 4am and travelled for hours to reach a location). But when everything comes together at that single moment in time, you know that you are experiencing something miraculous.

“Being an Australian landscape photographer is an amazing privilege. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Being able to share these moments through photography is one of the most amazing and humbling experiences in the world.”About Andrew Carter Landscape Photographer