Just posted a “Behind the Scenes” Guest Post for Florian Breuer

I was recently asked to write a guest post for Florian Breuer on his blog. Florian lives in South Africa, and has some amazing landscape photos from across Africa on his blog. His photography is very popular and he helps a large number of people improve their photos with some simple tips.

A lot of the landscape photos are very different to the countryside we are used to in Australia!

20130114-UW LumixP1010217


Florian also has a strong interest in night sky landscape photography, including some amazing shots taken in the Quiver Tree Forest in Namibia at night!

He asked me to write a guest post talking about some of my experiences as an Australian landscape photographer, so I decided to write a “Behind the Scenes” piece looking at how I took the photos “Frozen Dawn” and “Mullimburra Dreaming“.

I talk about:

  • location
  • gear used
  • camera settings
  • post-processing (including photos before and after)
  • colour space and colour profile
  • and various other parts of what I do

The post went live last night, so if you would like to check it out, visit www.floriansphotographs.blogspot.com.au

I’m sure you will be as amazed by his photos as I was!


By Andrew Carter

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