JPEG vs RAW: Shades of Grey

Your Eyes, Camera Sensors and RAW shooting- explained simply


Want to understand the difference between JPEG and RAW? Read on for a simple explanation…

How many shades of grey can you see?

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20… 40… 50?

Although there are a lot of variables, the average human eye can differentiate between approximately 450 to 500 shades of grey!


What about colour?

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7 Tips to Improve your Landscape Photography

Photo Tips: Australian Landscape Photographer Andrew Carter shares some tips and tricks of the photography trade to help you to get the best landscape photos possible.


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Use a Tripod

Tripods are difficult- they are difficult to fit into bags and difficult to put up in crowded spaces. They can be expensive, take time to set up, and often it’s easier not to use them. However, if you want good landscape photos, you should always always always use them.

I was driving home one day when a great sunset began to unfold. I stopped, jumped out of the car, and thought- “not worth getting the tripod out for this”- and took the shot.

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International Loupe Awards

We are proud to announce that Andrew has received 7 awards in the 2012 International Loupe Awards, including a Silver Award for his photo “Mullimburra Dreaming“.

Award winning photos from Australian Landscape Photographer Andrew Carter.

Mullimburra Dreaming“- Silver Award


Frozen Dawn“- Bronze Award Read more…