Ancient Beginnings

Limited Edition- 100 prints only

To get this photo we waited and watched every sunrise and every sunset, for 2 weeks in the Australian outback. On the morning I took this photo I had a good feeling- we could see the first rays of light beginning to touch the lower clouds and I had a feeling that we were in for something special. When we arrived at our viewpoint I only had seconds to grab my gear and set up to capture this amazing sunrise.

The colour was mind-blowing. We were the only people around and it felt as though we had the whole world to ourselves.

The desert is harsh, but incredibly beautiful. This sunrise is one of the brightest and most colourful I have ever seen. Our time in the desert left us inspired and at peace.

This photo is a 3 shot panorama encompassing a 180 degree view.


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Bronze Award- International Pano Awards 2013

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