The Road Less Travelled

Limited Edition- 100 photos only

This location took some finding.

I had heard of the lane before but only had an approximate idea of where it was. We drove and drove, asking locals along the way to help direct us. Finally, when we were almost ready to give up, we came across it!

The little road was beautiful. 18th Century Beech trees reached overhead intertwining above the road to form a stunning natural tunnel.

When we arrived the light was still quite harsh and other visitors to the area were wandering around. I only had one chance at this shot and it looked as though I might not get the right light.

As we waited, the other visitors began to leave until we were alone on the road. A short while later a mist started to roll in from the north. As the mist rolled in I couldn’t keep the smile off my face- the mist had softened out the light and created an amazing sense of mystery. This shot was actually taken at 10.15 pm at night, just before sunset as the sun lowered in the sky.

Standing under the archway of ancient trees, enveloped by mist in the quiet of the countryside was an unforgettable experience- I felt connected with the land and so lucky to be able to witness this amazing scene.



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